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GPS tracking devices for carts and walking groups give you full line-of-sight of your course for effective pace of play management, enhancing the player experience and allowing you to do more, with less.

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With an ultra-high res display and brightness, the 2Way 10inch and 8inch cart screens show players their pace to goal times and to-the-pin yardage on each shot.

2Way messaging capabilities allow you to send weather warnings, pace and geofence alerts, and get players to complete F&B orders on the go, driving revenue gains.

Reduce the cost of the technology by selling third-party advertising on the screens.


With an unobtrusive and discreet device that is easily installed underneath the cart seat, you get all the benefits of GPS tracking and pace management across club or private carts.

The integrated geofence buzzer emits a loud warning sound when a breach occurs, but does not disable the cart, creating player-friendly geofence compliance.


This GPS tracking device for walking groups clips onto golf bags or caddies, meaning no installation is required. The devices transmit data to Tagmarshal’s secure cloud servers for processing, giving courses the full range of powerful data insights and increasing player awareness of pace of play.

Batteries last for 2 full rounds and take just 5 hours to fully charge.


Get all the benefits of the 2Way Cart Screen, but for walking golf. Simply clip the 2Way device onto your push cart and enjoy!


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“The 2Way screens are great. They help players measure distance and they can communicate with us and vice versa. It also keeps them informed on their pace so the course operates at maximum efficiency.”

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Don Willingham

Director of Golf

Angel Fire Resort

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“Our F&B menu pops up on the 2Way screens on our 8th hole and it speeds up the turn time, preventing any backup. This improves course flow and boosts our revenue.”

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Kris Dennis

General Manager

Tierra Rejada Golf Course

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“The 2Way feature is fantastic. We can see who is out on the course and send messages directly to slower groups. That gentle nudge tends to work really well.”

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Allison George

General Manager

Toad Valley

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  • How long will it take to receive our set of tracking devices?

    The hardware is generally on-site within two to four weeks following the signature of the contract and the payment of the setup invoice. This is always subject to customs – please be aware that you may need to deal directly with customs for international shipments.

  • How long does it take to charge the Tagmarshal devices?

    Mobile devices take 2 to 3 hours on average, but we recommend you charge your devices overnight at the completion of each day to get the best performance out of them.

    Installed cart devices charge as the cart is in use.

  • What happens if a device is damaged or faulty?

    You can log any device challenges with our Support team. We test, refurbish, and/or replace devices as required under warranty. If a device is damaged, this can be replaced but will fall outside of your device warranty.

  • How do we maintain the hardware?

    Tagmarshal provides you with device management guidance during your training. However, we schedule device maintenance around your season and also help you ensure that your devices are winterized correctly at the end of your season.

  • What is the warranty period for Tagmarshal devices? Does this outlast the contract length?

    The warranty period for Tagmarshal devices is 36 months. In many cases, the devices outlast the warranty period. However, we cannot guarantee optimal performance after a 36-month period and will generally replace devices at your contract renewal.

    We also test devices at the start of every season to ensure you are continuing to utilize devices that perform optimally until the end of the contract, or until contract renewal.

  • How many tracking tags do I need at my course?

    A typical 18-hole walking course is equipped with 40 tracking devices. If the course has a cart fleet, we recommend that all are equipped.

    The amount of tags then depends on the size of the fleet (usually between 60 to 80 tracking devices required).

  • Does everyone need to carry a tracking device?

    No, only one person or caddy per playing group needs to carry a tracking device. Carts can have the devices installed.

  • Can Tagmarshal’s 2Way screens or Classic installed devices be installed into any cart type?

    Tagmarshal screens and devices can be installed in all major gas (petrol) and electric carts (E-Z-GO, Club Car, Yamaha and others).

  • How waterproof are Tagmarshal’s 2Way cart screens?

    Tagmarshal’s 2Way 8inch screens are IP65 certified, which means they are splash-resistant and water-resistant, not waterproof.

    They are mounted below the canopy, to reduce exposure to rain. Please avoid direct contact with any liquids, much the same as would with your mobile phone, as this is not covered by the hardware warranty.

  • Can Classic Mobile tags be used on a rainy day?

    Yes, each tag is equipped with a water-resistant pouch.

    Note: the pouches are water-resistant, so it’s best if the players don’t take them for a swim in any water hazards.

  • Can Classic Mobile tags be reused during the day, for the morning and afternoon field?

    Yes – as long as they are well-charged overnight, tags used in the morning can be used again for the afternoon field.

  • How long do the Classic Mobile tags need to be charged?

    It takes 4 to 5 hours to charge the Classic Mobile tags and we recommend charging these overnight. A multi-charging station is provided.

    Tags will last up to 8 hours when fully charged, meaning they can record 2 18-hole rounds of golf.

  • How big are the Classic Mobile tracking tags?

    The tag dimensions are 6.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 centimeters, or roughly the size of a matchbox.

  • How long do the 2Way devices take to fully charge?

    The 2Way Mobile devices take 3 hours to charge. The 2Way screens don’t require additional charging time, as they automatically charge while in use.

  • What is the battery life on the 2Way devices?

    The 2Way cart devices recharge automatically as they’re used. The 2Way mobile devices have a battery life of 15 hours.

  • Do I need to buy data for the 2Way devices?

    No, your data is included in your Tagmarshal product costs.

  • Can players place halfway house F&B orders, using the 2Way device?

    Yes, it’s possible to order F&B from your cart screen, before reaching the halfway house.

  • Is advertising possible via the 2Way screens?

    Yes, the system allows for advertising. Tagmarshal can also manage the process for you and offer monthly payments to your course. To find out more, email

  • Can I communicate with the individual carts via the 2Way screens?

    Yes, operators have the ability to send messages directly through the 2Way alerts feature.

  • Can the 2Way installed screen control my cart?

    No, but Tagmarshal’s system will highlight the restricted areas that carts shouldn’t enter, as well as alert management if carts enter restricted areas.

  • How is the signal tracked from the device and what happens if it’s poor?

    The devices utilize GPS and cellular technology to convey tracking data. We engage with each course to establish cellular coverage and if there are concerns raised, our technicians will run signal tests ahead of deployment and installation. If the signal is poor, we have technology in place to assist.

  • What are your Support turnaround times?

    Your request will be logged within 1 hour of being submitted. Turnaround time to resolution is dependent on the complexity of the issue. For a standard query, the turnaround times are between 48 and 72 hours.

  • What happens when my new fleet arrives?

    We need to be informed ahead of time that you have a fleet change due. This will allow us to schedule a technician to perform the uninstallation of your old fleet and reinstallation into your new fleet. We know that the delivery date of your fleet can change, but pre-booking allows us to work with you to manage the process effectively.

  • Do I need both the Classic Installed and 2Way cart screens?

    You can select the device that suits your course needs. Our Partnership Executives would be happy to demonstrate each device and how you could utilize these at your course. You are able to have a mix of devices to allow you to track walkers and riders if needed.

  • Can we do our own installation of the tracking devices into our carts?

    Our expert Tagmarshal technicians perform installations to a careful, high-quality standard and methodology. For this reason, self-installations are not recommended as they may have an impact on your device and cart warranty.

  • Who does the installation?

    Our expert Tagmarshal technicians will perform your installation. We send you a project plan that will detail the technician being sent to your course and the work that will be done during the technician visit.

    You also meet with your technician prior to the installation so you can provide any specific details they need to be aware of like who to speak with, hours of operation, meals and so on.

  • Is there a setup process?

    Your Customer Success Associate or Relationship Manager will guide you through the onboarding process. While we are facilitating your training, the course is mapped and set up, devices are ordered and configured and we use your data provided to allow the system’s algorithm the opportunity to ‘learn’ its unique ebb and flow.


    During this time, you will have full use of the course-customized Live Map for tracking purposes, as well as the rest of Tagmarshal’s powerful features (including pace of play alerts, round and hole stats and the building of player profiles).