Golf Cart GPS Tracking: What Are the Benefits for Golfers?

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Golf Cart GPS Tracking: What Are the Benefits for Golfers? by Tagmarshal

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Golf cart GPS systems are a must for many golfers. A golf cart GPS system makes the game much more enjoyable. You don’t have to wonder where you are on the course and where you need to go next.

What Is Golf Cart GPS Technology all about?

Golf Cart GPS tracking systems deliver helpful and real-time location information, shown on a screen for players and golf course owners or managers to see. Any important alerts can be sent to the players, which is a very cost-effective and efficient way of instant communication.

Walking groups or caddies receive a Tagmarshal 2-Way mobile device or tracking tag to clip onto a golf bag. For golf carts, a tracking tag will be installed that’s fitted with a Tagmarshal 2-Way cart device.

Data is sent to Tagmarshal’s cloud servers, which management and staff have access to. Through the golf cart GPS tracker, they can track what’s happening on the course in real-time and transmit any alerts or notifications.

What does a Golf Cart GPS look like?

The golf cart GPS tracking device covers all the bases for everyone involved as it provides a golfer’s view and a golf course staff view.

Players receive a Tagmarshal 2-Way mobile device or tracking tag that features an accurate, automated geofence system. It shows all the necessary data displayed and any critical alerts or notifications being sent in real-time. The front-end user interface generation gives golfers the knowledge and awareness of any breaches.

The staff of the golf course can view a dashboard of the data. The GPS technology also allows them to send out any real-time alerts or notifications as they pre-empt potential issues or need to make the players aware of a particular situation or general announcement.

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The Benefits of Golf Cart GPS to Golfers

Plan your shots

Being able to plan your shots is the most essential aspect of golf for players. According to USGA Research 2016, 74% of golfers believe that pace, flow, and time are crucial to their enjoyment. With these GPS systems for golf carts that allow players to manage their pace and field flow like a pro, it will, in turn, optimize your on-course operation.

You’ll enhance your player experience, which will drive loyalty and improve on-course efficiency. The system also allows for real-time oversight, actionable data, and industry-leading reporting. It will also increase cost savings and revenue.

“Creating an environment where customers know they can come and play in a reasonable amount of time is very important to us. This keeps members happy, customers happy, and it helps create a reputation of a place that does care and wants everyone’s day more enjoyable,” said Matt Summers, PGA Head Professional at Mountain Branch.

Being able to plan their shots also means that they’ll enjoy aspects such as player safety, social distancing, and an optimized pace of play.

Player safety

Through the Tagmarshal golf cart GPS, our partners have seen enhanced and safer golfer experiences. Enhanced and safer golfer experiences increase members’ loyalty and drive repeat play at daily fee and resort courses, resulting in stable membership and green fees. The geofencing aspect will improve safety and security over cart fleets and minimize theft and abuse.

Social distancing

A social distancing monitor is included in the tracking system, which creates a safe player environment through this innovative feature. It was specially designed to allow golf courses to accurately and proactively manage group distancing and flow of play during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Optimized pace of play

The GPS system also allows for an optimized pace of play, which improves efficiency all-round for everyone involved. It also provides for staff to be optimized at peak hours, which confirms operational efficiencies and gives the management team the data to manage the pace of play professionally and objectively.

Know where you are and where other playing groups are

The GPS tracker, together with its geofencing technology and real-time automated notifications to the player, means that players will always know exactly where they are in relation to others.

Enhanced player experience

The GPS systems will have each aspect of a golf player’s round run smoother because of the golf course management technology advancements. Player safety has a lot to do with enhanced player experience. Thanks to this technology, players will be warned of any thunderstorms or weather risks and safety concerns such as dangerous animals or fire. If management ensures that their staff is always leading the charge, the rewards will continue to flow for all involved.

Ability to pre-book beverages

Having the ability to pre-book food and beverages at the halfway house will increase efficiency and revenue. It will also improve the overall customer journey. This is thanks to the two-way communication technology, which means players can respond or contact the clubhouse for any food or drink needs.

Golf Courses that Use Golf Cart GPS

Tagmarshal is proud to have 300 private partners across the globe who use this technology. The tracking systems are also trusted by 30 of the top-100 USA courses and 300 other private, daily fee and resort courses.

Some of these have experienced year-on-year and quick impact improvement. This includes a 45% improvement of players within 10 minutes of pace and 88% success of players within 10 minutes of pace, respectively. They’ve also seen an increase in revenue generated, such as $140 000 a season in additional green fees.

“I cannot imagine operating without Tagmarshal next season. The system has proved to be invaluable. It has enabled us to make savings, improve service delivery, improve pace of play, and enhance the whole golfing experience at Carnoustie,” said Colin Sinclair, Head Golf Professional at Carnoustie.

“I think it is a brilliant system! Probably the best innovation in golf management have seen in the last decade,” said Louis Destroo, Director of Golf at Stellenbosch Golf Club.

“As a private Club, our goal is to make the day as enjoyable as possible for our membership. By bringing Tagmarshal on board, we have accomplished this feat by effectively reducing our pace of play in a non-confrontational, professional way,” said David Weiss, Head Golf Professional, and Forest Glen Country Club.

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Tagmarshal, the market leader in on-course optimization technology, provides courses with full, real-time operational oversight and reporting, giving golf operators the tools to manage pace and flow of play effectively, resulting in enhanced player experiences, increased efficiency through automation, and additional revenue generation.

Tagmarshal’s technology has collected over 1 billion data points from more than 50 million rounds of golf and has relationships with in excess of 500 partners, including Hazeltine, Whistling Straits, Baltusrol, Fieldstone, Bandon Dunes, Serenoa and Erin Hills.

Tagmarshal partners with several golf management groups, private, daily fee, public and resort courses, including 35 of the Top 100 US courses, as well as many $30-$50 green fee courses, which are seeing excellent results using the system.