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  • How many partnerships does Tagmarshal have?

    We have a total of 20 partners, including national partners (NGCOA, PGA Mag, GBN), the CMAA Carolinas chapter, 12 PGA Sections in the US, 2 PGA sections in Canada, BPG (Canadian Buying Scheme), and Club Procure (Leads Generator – US), and we continue to grow.

  • What is the duration of a partnership with Tagmarshal?

    Typically, partnerships begin with a 1-year agreement. However, we are open to extending these partnerships into multi-year arrangements because we understand that the advancement of technology in the golf industry is a gradual process that we approach with care. Our goal is to foster the growth of technology knowledge within the industry through these enduring relationships.

  • How can we partner with Tagmarshal?

    Please contact Jayson Greeff, our Partnership Marketing Executive, at to learn more about sponsorship opportunities with Tagmarshal.

  • What are the benefits of partnering with Tagmarshal?

    Partnering with Tagmarshal offers a unique opportunity to align your brand with an innovative leader in the golf industry. By aligning with Tagmarshal’s initiatives, event sponsorships, educational webinars and products, you gain visibility and credibility within the golf community while supporting the advancement of technology in the sport.

    This partnership not only enhances your recognition, but also demonstrates your commitment to improving the golf experience through cutting-edge solutions. It’s a strategic move that can foster strong relationships, expand your market reach, and contribute positively to the golf industry’s growth.

  • What is the duration of my Tagmarshal Media contract?

    The minimum contract duration is 1 year. This gets automatically renewed annually for as long as the client is contracted to Tagmarshal’s core products or when a 2-month notice of cancellation is received. Early termination of the contract could affect the minimum rebate calculation.

  • How do we join the Tagmarshal Media network?

    Contact your Partnership Executive and ask for your potential earn-back amount, complete the partnership online enrolment form and we will incorporate your course into the network.

  • Are any other requirements needed?

    Tagmarshal will need access to your Wi-Fi network to allow for the uploading of advertisements. Tagmarshal will have exclusive use of the screens for ad displays and no other advertising other than Tagmarshal Media-approved ads can be allowed on the screens, to ensure the quality of the network.

  • What happens if we must shut down operations for unforeseen circumstances or maintenance?

    Media rebates are linked to active operational months. Should the season be shortened for any unforeseen reasons, the minimum media rebate and success-driven amount might be affected depending on the number of closed months and will be recalculated accordingly.

  • What about our own internal promotions and offers?

    Your club will keep the equivalent screen inventory of two holes to promote pro shop, club, and F&B special offerings like coaching specials, accommodation, spa treatments, club competitions and to support local charities. Your course has the option to rather make this involuntary available for paid-for media as well.

  • Can we approve the advertising planned for our screens?

    Yes, you may request pre-approval of ads, keeping in mind that we will also vet all advertisers linked to our terms and conditions to ensure relevant and tasteful marketing. Such approval will need to be given in the required timeframe and rejection of ads based on personal preference might affect the top-up rebate amount. Tagmarshal will not allow advertising on the network that violates any law, rule, or regulation including but not limited to adult or sexual products, drugs or drug paraphernalia, products that bypass copyright protection, counterfeit products, dating or other sites that promote sexual or matchmaking services, content which promotes or glorifies violence, firearms, or other weapons, content communicating hate or discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age, false advertising, fraudulent, deceptive, expired or misleading claims and poor quality images.

  • How can you assist with generating the maximum ad revenue for my club?

    By sharing any relevant information including existing sponsors and advertisers, the number of rounds and specially planned events and tournaments, as well as directing all advertising leads and requests to us when approached by businesses directly. Please ensure that you also complete a one-off enrollment form.

  • What happens if we get no advertising support on our screens?

    Our media network gives national and local brands an opportunity for wider run campaigns, so this is very unlikely. However, we still guarantee and pay the minimum rebate to your club irrespective of the level of advertising support. Importantly, the more ad support we get on your screens, the bigger the end-of-season media payback to your course.

  • How often do advertising messages get uploaded to the devices?

    Depending on the creative requirements of advertisers, ads will be loaded onto the fleet of cart screens once a day only. Uploading and displaying of ads will be managed from our network, but we will need access to your club’s Wi-Fi infrastructure.

  • What is the format of planned advertising on the screens?

    A maximum of three full-screen ads will be displayed strategically based on location per sponsored hole, with one bottom-screen banner ad displayed for the duration of the hole. Each ad will be displayed for around 5 seconds depending on advertiser needs, and the players will have the ability to swipe ads to disappear.

  • How does the Media rebate get paid?

    The total media rebate amount will be paid as a once-off amount annually, 30 days from the end of the season.

  • How is the Media rebate calculated?

    The minimum end-of-season rebate amount for your club is guaranteed and is linked to the number of rounds, number of golf cart screens and active operating months.

    The additional success-driven amount is linked to the advertising support for your club, i.e. the media inventory sell–through rate and number of holes sold.

  • What is the benefit of joining the Media network?

    • Earn a minimum guaranteed end-of-season media rebate for your club.
    • Also earn a success-driven amount over and above the minimum guarantee.
    • Tagmarshal also makes our ad module available to you at no additional cost, providing an opportunity for your own club promotions and F&B food ordering functionality.
    • Bring local and global brand messages to your members through the Media network, adding value to the player experience.
  • What is Tagmarshal Media?

    Tagmarshal Media is a specialist division, focused on media sales management.

    Tagmarshal Media was established to take the selling and managing of advertising on your 8inch golf cart screens off your hands, leaving you to focus on your core business, but still earn  income from your screens.

  • How long will it take to receive our set of tracking devices?

    The hardware is generally on-site within two to four weeks following the signature of the contract and the payment of the setup invoice. This is always subject to customs – please be aware that you may need to deal directly with customs for international shipments.

  • How long does it take to charge the Tagmarshal devices?

    Mobile devices take 2 to 3 hours on average, but we recommend you charge your devices overnight at the completion of each day to get the best performance out of them.

    Installed cart devices charge as the cart is in use.

  • What happens if a device is damaged or faulty?

    You can log any device challenges with our Support team. We test, refurbish, and/or replace devices as required under warranty. If a device is damaged, this can be replaced but will fall outside of your device warranty.

  • How do we maintain the hardware?

    Tagmarshal provides you with device management guidance during your training. However, we schedule device maintenance around your season and also help you ensure that your devices are winterized correctly at the end of your season.

  • What is the warranty period for Tagmarshal devices? Does this outlast the contract length?

    The warranty period for Tagmarshal devices is 36 months. In many cases, the devices outlast the warranty period. However, we cannot guarantee optimal performance after a 36-month period and will generally replace devices at your contract renewal.

    We also test devices at the start of every season to ensure you are continuing to utilize devices that perform optimally until the end of the contract, or until contract renewal.

  • How many tracking tags do I need at my course?

    A typical 18-hole walking course is equipped with 40 tracking devices. If the course has a cart fleet, we recommend that all are equipped.

    The amount of tags then depends on the size of the fleet (usually between 60 to 80 tracking devices required).

  • Does everyone need to carry a tracking device?

    No, only one person or caddy per playing group needs to carry a tracking device. Carts can have the devices installed.

  • Can Tagmarshal’s 2Way screens or Classic installed devices be installed into any cart type?

    Tagmarshal screens and devices can be installed in all major gas (petrol) and electric carts (E-Z-GO, Club Car, Yamaha and others).

  • How waterproof are Tagmarshal’s 2Way cart screens?

    Tagmarshal’s 2Way 8inch screens are IP65 certified, which means they are splash-resistant and water-resistant, not waterproof.

    They are mounted below the canopy, to reduce exposure to rain. Please avoid direct contact with any liquids, much the same as would with your mobile phone, as this is not covered by the hardware warranty.

  • Can Classic Mobile tags be used on a rainy day?

    Yes, each tag is equipped with a water-resistant pouch.

    Note: the pouches are water-resistant, so it’s best if the players don’t take them for a swim in any water hazards.

  • Can Classic Mobile tags be reused during the day, for the morning and afternoon field?

    Yes – as long as they are well-charged overnight, tags used in the morning can be used again for the afternoon field.

  • How long do the Classic Mobile tags need to be charged?

    It takes 4 to 5 hours to charge the Classic Mobile tags and we recommend charging these overnight. A multi-charging station is provided.

    Tags will last up to 8 hours when fully charged, meaning they can record 2 18-hole rounds of golf.

  • How big are the Classic Mobile tracking tags?

    The tag dimensions are 6.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 centimeters, or roughly the size of a matchbox.

  • How long do the 2Way devices take to fully charge?

    The 2Way Mobile devices take 3 hours to charge. The 2Way screens don’t require additional charging time, as they automatically charge while in use.

  • What is the battery life on the 2Way devices?

    The 2Way cart devices recharge automatically as they’re used. The 2Way mobile devices have a battery life of 15 hours.

  • Do I need to buy data for the 2Way devices?

    No, your data is included in your Tagmarshal product costs.

  • Can players place halfway house F&B orders, using the 2Way device?

    Yes, it’s possible to order F&B from your cart screen, before reaching the halfway house.

  • Is advertising possible via the 2Way screens?

    Yes, the system allows for advertising. Tagmarshal can also manage the process for you and offer monthly payments to your course. To find out more, email

  • Can I communicate with the individual carts via the 2Way screens?

    Yes, operators have the ability to send messages directly through the 2Way alerts feature.

  • Can the 2Way installed screen control my cart?

    No, but Tagmarshal’s system will highlight the restricted areas that carts shouldn’t enter, as well as alert management if carts enter restricted areas.

  • How is the signal tracked from the device and what happens if it’s poor?

    The devices utilize GPS and cellular technology to convey tracking data. We engage with each course to establish cellular coverage and if there are concerns raised, our technicians will run signal tests ahead of deployment and installation. If the signal is poor, we have technology in place to assist.

  • What are your Support turnaround times?

    Your request will be logged within 1 hour of being submitted. Turnaround time to resolution is dependent on the complexity of the issue. For a standard query, the turnaround times are between 48 and 72 hours.

  • What can I do if my walking tag isn’t showing up on my Live Map?

    1. Place devices on charge for 2 to 3 hours, but preferably overnight to fully charge them.
    2. If the battery light starts flashing or flickering, leave the device on charge until it stops.
    3. Confirm that the battery lights are a solid light.
    4. Remove the devices from the charging station and take them out for a 10 to 15-minute walk or drive.
    5. Check to see that the cellular network and GPS satellite lights are flashing.
    6. Once the lights begin flashing, it indicates that the device is attempting to communicate with the Tagmarshal system.
    7. If only one or neither of these lights flash, it indicates that your device requires additional attention.

    Please contact the Customer Support Team using the Support Form.

    Our team will attempt to remotely troubleshoot your devices by sending them commands in which case they will ask you to follow the above steps.

    Failure to respond to troubleshooting will require the device to be replaced.

  • Can you integrate with any tee sheet provider?

    We currently integrate with 22 tee sheet providers. Please speak to your Partnership Executive or Customer Success Associate to confirm if your provider is on our list of approved providers.

  • Can we track course staff and player assistants out on the course?

    Yes, the system includes a player assistant tracking module which allows management to view where their course staff are in real-time. It also shows where they have been throughout the day.

  • Does the system allow for shotgun starts?

    Yes, the system can track shotgun starts.

  • What happens if a group is held up / delayed by the group in front of them?

    If a group is behind the course’s prescribed pace but are being held up by a group in front of them, the group will be recognized as delayed and a pace alert will not be generated. The delayed group’s play icon is then presented as orange for delayed, rather than red for slow.

  • How does the geofencing work?

    The golf cart GPS system’s geofencing module provides course management with the ability to set up fenced areas or ‘zones’, which can be toggled on or off as needed.

    If a device (cart or walking) enters a geofenced area, staff are immediately notified of the breach and a historical record is also logged to inform any later conversations.

  • What stats does the system provide?

    The data of every round played is stored in Tagmarshal’s cloud-hosted database and each course is given access to its statistics and maps via an easy-to-use dashboard.

    This enables course management to track and measure data like:

    • Round times per group – evaluate slower rounds and see who the players / caddies were in each group.
    • Average round times for a specified period – evaluate how the pace of play trended throughout a day or month.
    • Average hole times – evaluate which holes are playing quicker or slower compared to their goal times.
    • Round track maps – see a full history of every round tracked, including any interactions with player assistants, geofence breaches and more.
  • What do the green, orange, red and magenta icons on the course map represent?

    The system’s powerful algorithm tracks playing groups (carts or walking) and evaluates their progress in relation to the prescribed pace and the rest of the field.

    A green icon shows a group that is currently on pace, and a red icon is a group that is behind pace, but not impacting any other groups.

    An orange icon shows a group that is behind pace but being delayed by a group ahead of them, and a magenta (purple) icon shows a group that is delaying groups behind them, having a negative impact on the course’s pace of play.

  • How do I see the tracking devices and playing groups on the Live Map?

    Tagmarshal courses get access to a full software suite that includes a stylized Live Map of the course. The software is a cloud-based application available via any smart device, such as a PC, laptop, MacBook, tablet or mobile phone.

  • How does the pace of play alert system work?

    As a playing group progresses, their location and time of play are measured against various parameters and evaluated in relation to the rest of the field. Tagmarshal’s powerful algorithms, based on data from more than 30 million rounds, pick up when a group is falling behind and alert management through a series of color-based alerts on the Tagmarshal Live Map.

    Golf managers will be able to see whether a group is out of position and causing delays to other groups, versus a group that is out of position but affected by a delay.

  • What happens if I don’t want a screen in my cart?

    An unobtrusive tracker will be installed into your cart instead so that it can operate as part of the Tagmarshal system.

  • What happens when my new fleet arrives?

    We need to be informed ahead of time that you have a fleet change due. This will allow us to schedule a technician to perform the uninstallation of your old fleet and reinstallation into your new fleet. We know that the delivery date of your fleet can change, but pre-booking allows us to work with you to manage the process effectively.

  • Will Tagmarshal devices drain the cart battery?

    No, the 2Way cart screen will only use power when the cart ignition is on and draws less power than a mobile phone USB charger.

  • What happens when my new fleet arrives?

    We need to be informed ahead of time that you have a fleet change due. This will allow us to schedule a technician to perform the uninstallation of your old fleet and reinstallation into your new fleet. We know that the delivery date of your fleet can change, but pre-booking allows us to work with you to manage the process effectively.

  • A member cart is a different brand to the club fleet – is this an issue?

    Tagmarshal can be safely fitted to all cart brands. However, we do need details of the cart type ahead of the installation date to ensure that we send the correct components for the installation.

  • Will my cart be damaged by the installation?

    None of the equipment or components being installed will negatively impact the value of your cart. We have a team of expert technicians to ensure a seamless process. We perform our installation to specific cart manufacturer standards to ensure that the cart warranty is not affected by the installation.

  • What happens if I don’t want a device installed in my private cart?

    No problem. We have multiple device types that don’t require an installation, are held and managed by the course and can be handed to you to track your round of golf.

  • Will my cart be tracked all the time?

    No, tracking is limited to on-course only, unless there is a cart theft or tracking is requested by a member.

  • How does the winterization process work?

    At the end of your season, you’ll receive an email and form to complete asking if you require winterization of your devices. This can be a self-winterization process, or we can assist by providing a technician to do this for you.

    We also run a return and test process for all Classic Tags at a nominal fee.

  • Do I need both the Classic Installed and 2Way cart screens?

    You can select the device that suits your course needs. Our Partnership Executives would be happy to demonstrate each device and how you could utilize these at your course. You are able to have a mix of devices to allow you to track walkers and riders if needed.

  • Can you uninstall an existing system and install Tagmarshal instead? If so, at what cost?

    Yes, it is possible. The costs will vary based on a variety of factors, such as the number of carts, location and cart type.

    Please email us ( for an accurate quotation.

    Please note that if you’re still in contract with another provider, additional costs may apply to exit that agreement.

  • Do you install into private cart fleets?

    Yes, we can install our devices in private carts by arrangement.

  • Can Tagmarshal’s 2Way screens or Classic installed devices be installed into any cart type?

    Tagmarshal screens and devices can be installed in all major gas (petrol) and electric carts e.g. E-Z-GO, Club Car and Yamaha. We send you an onboarding checklist to ensure we provide you with the correct cart components ahead of your 2Way installation date.

  • Does installing Tagmarshal into a cart fleet void the warranty?

    No, expert Tagmarshal technicians comply with cart manufacturer standards, to ensure that the cart warranty is not affected by the installation.

  • Can we do our own installation of the tracking devices into our carts?

    Our expert Tagmarshal technicians perform installations to a careful, high-quality standard and methodology. For this reason, self-installations are not recommended as they may have an impact on your device and cart warranty.

  • Who does the installation?

    Our expert Tagmarshal technicians will perform your installation. We send you a project plan that will detail the technician being sent to your course and the work that will be done during the technician visit.

    You also meet with your technician prior to the installation so you can provide any specific details they need to be aware of like who to speak with, hours of operation, meals and so on.

  • Is there a setup process?

    Your Customer Success Associate or Relationship Manager will guide you through the onboarding process. While we are facilitating your training, the course is mapped and set up, devices are ordered and configured and we use your data provided to allow the system’s algorithm the opportunity to ‘learn’ its unique ebb and flow.


    During this time, you will have full use of the course-customized Live Map for tracking purposes, as well as the rest of Tagmarshal’s powerful features (including pace of play alerts, round and hole stats and the building of player profiles).

  • What are the turnaround times from the contract signature to the go-live date?

    This typically takes between 6 to 8 weeks from signing the contract, but it depends on seasonality, stock availability and technician capacity.

  • What is the average length of a Tagmarshal contract?

    The Tagmarshal contract length is 36 months.

  • Does Tagmarshal offer seasonal discounts?

    Tagmarshal offers various programs which may include seasonal discounts. Please get in touch via to request the latest deals.

  • How is the signal tracked from the device and what happens if it’s poor?

    The devices utilize GPS and cellular technology to convey tracking data. We engage with each course to establish cellular coverage and if there are concerns raised, our technicians will run signal tests ahead of deployment and installation. If the signal is poor, we have technology in place to assist.

  • How will our round times improve?

    The Tagmarshal system gives courses a proactive, data-driven approach to pace of play. There are many factors, but our implementations often see a 10-minute to 20-minute improvement in average round times within three months of using the system. From there, new goals and targets can be defined and worked towards.


Watch our short demo to see how Tagmarshal optimizes on-course operations, enhancing the player experience through automated pace of play management, increasing efficiency and generating additional revenue.

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