enquire about becoming a partner


  • What is the duration of my Tagmarshal Media contract?

    The minimum contract duration is 1 year. This gets automatically renewed annually for as long as the client is contracted to Tagmarshal’s core products or when a 2-month notice of cancellation is received. Early termination of the contract could affect the minimum rebate calculation.

  • How do we join the Tagmarshal Media network?

    Contact your Partnership Executive and ask for your potential earn-back amount, complete the partnership online enrolment form and we will incorporate your course into the network.

  • Are any other requirements needed?

    Tagmarshal will need access to your Wi-Fi network to allow for the uploading of advertisements. Tagmarshal will have exclusive use of the screens for ad displays and no other advertising other than Tagmarshal Media-approved ads can be allowed on the screens, to ensure the quality of the network.

  • What happens if we must shut down operations for unforeseen circumstances or maintenance?

    Media rebates are linked to active operational months. Should the season be shortened for any unforeseen reasons, the minimum media rebate and success-driven amount might be affected depending on the number of closed months and will be recalculated accordingly.

  • What about our own internal promotions and offers?

    Your club will keep the equivalent screen inventory of two holes to promote pro shop, club, and F&B special offerings like coaching specials, accommodation, spa treatments, club competitions and to support local charities. Your course has the option to rather make this involuntary available for paid-for media as well.

  • Can we approve the advertising planned for our screens?

    Yes, you may request pre-approval of ads, keeping in mind that we will also vet all advertisers linked to our terms and conditions to ensure relevant and tasteful marketing. Such approval will need to be given in the required timeframe and rejection of ads based on personal preference might affect the top-up rebate amount. Tagmarshal will not allow advertising on the network that violates any law, rule, or regulation including but not limited to adult or sexual products, drugs or drug paraphernalia, products that bypass copyright protection, counterfeit products, dating or other sites that promote sexual or matchmaking services, content which promotes or glorifies violence, firearms, or other weapons, content communicating hate or discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age, false advertising, fraudulent, deceptive, expired or misleading claims and poor quality images.