Introducing Tagmashal’s Powerful Golf Cart GPS Systems Upgrade

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Tagmarshal, the industry leader in on-course optimization, debuted its most powerful golf cart GPS systems upgrade yet at the 2024 PGA Show.

The golf industry’s premier event was the perfect platform to showcase the upgrade. While visitors to Booth #3123 were also able to “test drive” the new 10inch cart screens, featuring 2Way messaging capabilities, live pace updates, to-the-pin yardage and bigger and better high-definition imagery, the star of the show was undoubtedly Tagmarshal’s golf cart GPS systems.

Below, we will look at some of the powerful upgrades to the system, as well as outline Tagmarshal’s feature set and how they will help you ensure your course enhances the player experience, increases efficiency through automation and generates additional revenue.

The Ease Of Using Tagmarshal’s Golf Cart GPS Systems

It’s now been made even easier to get the most out of Tagmarshal’s golf cart GPS systems.

Menu options that are relevant to your role

The dashboard menu has been redesigned in such a way that you find the options most relevant to your role, ensuring that you see what’s important for you.

The role options are:

  • Administrator
  • Management
  • Starter
  • Marshal
  • Superintendent
  • F&B
  • Hardware Manager
  • Caddie

Select an option and the menu will show you the range of Tagmarshal features designed to help with that role. For example, selecting ‘Management’ from the menu will display the Analytics Hub, Player Overview and Round Report, among others.

As you become more acquainted with Tagmarshal’s golf cart GPS systems, you’ll save time and empower your team to perform to the best of their abilities.

“It’s not only the staff hours saved – Tagmarshal is a tool in their hands to make their employment experience better. Do they have the tools to be successful at their jobs? Now the answer is yes.” Mike O’Reilly, PGA, Director of Golf Operations, Whistling Straits

Personalized dashboard with customizable widgets and screens

The upgraded system allows you to personalize your dashboard, choosing the widgets and screens that are visible.

You can tailor these to your preferences and priorities, choosing from:

  • Goals: This displays Rounds On Pace, Problem Groups Addressed, Intervention Success and Assignment.
  • Time Schedule: This displays how each group is doing in relation to your goal time.
  • Daily Info: This displays your goal time, the daily average round time, how many groups are in play and how many of those are on pace.

Quicker to load and mobile-friendly

The upgraded system has a more responsive design for seamless, convenient on-the-go access.

Now one person can fulfill multiple roles, monitoring the system with the tap of a button while simultaneously performing other tasks.

The mobile user interface has also been given an overhaul to make navigation easier.

“The technology is phenomenal. You can use it from anywhere – phone, tablet, computer – and it’s been great for us to have this overview. I would never attempt to manage a course again without having Tagmarshal. We are expecting to make at least 10 times what we paid for the system in our first year.” Ben Wilson, General Manager, Willow Springs Golf Course

Unpacking The Data Insights From Tagmarshal’s Golf Cart GPS Systems

The real value of Tagmarshal’s golf cart GPS systems can be found in the data it gathers and how that will help you unlock additional opportunities to optimize your operation.

Visually appealing graphics, streamlined navigation and intuitive features

The raw data gathered by Tagmarshal is presented in visually appealing graphics that can be understood at a glance.

The streamlined navigation and intuitive features will help you and your team master the system quickly so that you can focus on providing the best player experience possible.

“You have a birds-eye view of what’s going on from your office and can keep an eye on things. The Tagmarshal system is intuitive enough that I can tell if something is wrong within 15 seconds and instantly address the problem.” Derek Guzman, PGA, Head Golf Professional, Sand Valley Golf Resort

Advanced data visualization tools and in-depth analytics and reporting

To facilitate a deeper understanding of your operation, the system upgrade features advanced data visualization tools.

With in-depth analytics and reporting capabilities, you can spot trends and make better decisions with actionable data.

It’s also easier to set goals for key metrics, so you can manage, optimize, and report on performance.

“The data we obtained early in the season allowed us to determine how we operate the tee sheet for the best flow on our courses. That was huge and a real bonus for our pace of play.” John Wilson, Head Golf Professional, Priddis Greens Golf & Country Club

Robust security for data protection

Through the use of enhanced privacy controls, any sensitive data and information is now more secure than ever.

Tagmarshal’s Golf Cart GPS Systems Feature Set

As part of the golf cart GPS systems upgrade, the best-in-class, comprehensive software set will provide you with the tools needed for data-driven decision-making and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Some of the key features that you will use most often when optimizing your operation include:

Live Map

Tagmarshal’s Live Map provides you with real-time, full line of sight of your course. Using more than 10 dynamically calculated factors, the powerful algorithm predicts potential issues before they occur. In this way, you can be proactive with pace management, dealing with problem groups before they affect the rest of the field

You’re also able to be targeted with your use of player assistants, rather than having them drive your course reacting to issues that have already affected the field.

“The data we obtained early in the season allowed us to determine how we operate the tee sheet for the best flow on our courses. That was huge and a real bonus for our pace of play.” Pat Doyle, PGA, Head Golf Professional, The Quarry

Gap Time Monitor

Presented as a visual representation of the distance and time between groups, for optimal pace and flow and an enhanced player experience, the Gap Time Monitor helps you manage field flow.

You are also able to identify opportunities to reduce gap intervals and optimize your tee sheet capacity.

Analytics Hub

The Analytics Hub is a powerful engine that brings together data gathered from Tagmarshal’s features and presents them in a simplified, central hub.

Using visually appealing graphics, the data insights on show will help you make better operational decisions and spot trends.

“Through our partnership with Tagmarshal, we have consistently improved pace of play. The Analytics Hub eliminates pace discrepancies, providing precise data down to the second, elevating the guest experience and efficiency.” Tahlon Sweenie, Director Of Golf Operations, Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge


A favorite of superintendents and maintenance teams, Tagmarshal’s geofencing system is easy to set up and works differently from other tech solutions.

The golf cart GPS systems alert players when they breach a geofence, either via a beeping noise or a direct message to their 2Way cart screens. This allows them to self-correct and avoids the hard-stopping of carts, a proven and common source of frustration.

“The geofencing is really outstanding and very user-friendly and effective. Once the alert pops up and the beeping starts, our guests understand and can get back into a designated area.” Kris Dennis, General Manager, Tierra Rejada Golf Course

Heatmap Visualization

Another feature that aids superintendents, the Heatmap Visualization uses GPS tracking technology to identify the areas of your course that are seeing the most traffic.

Using this information, you can tweak course setup, cart path policing and identify areas where operational efficiencies are possible.

Track Map

The Track Map gives you a complete record of every round played at your facility, including the pace of play as the round progressed, interactions with your team and geofence breaches. 

This is great for post-round conversations with players, whether on the same day or at a later stage, to facilitate fact-based discussions and accountability.

“After a round, or the next day, I can show our members their pace in the Track Map and it’s point blank right in front of them, making it so much easier to have those discussions.” Kyle Brandt, PGA, Head Golf Professional, Hazeltine National

Tee Sheet Auto-Assignment

Your tee sheet provider seamlessly connects and integrates with Tagmarshal’s Tee Sheet page and the relevant information, including player names, is transferred across. From here, all of the data the system gathers is fed straight into the Live Map for real-time management and the Track Map for a detailed history of every round played, linked to the player names.

It’s also fed into the Analytics Hub and the Player Profile feature.

If you’re operating a daily fee and resort course, you can now tell if you’re dealing with a first-time visitor or a repeat player. 

At a private club, you’ll know whether you have a member or a guest playing.

“The software and all of the features have worked wonders for our operation, because it’s unlike anything that we’ve seen before. The Auto Tag Assignment is unique and flawless and the data has certainly helped a lot of our members, who have grown to really appreciate and be very knowledgeable of their pace.” Matt Kloppenburg, PGA, Director of Golf, Terravita Golf Club

Player Profiles

With built-out player profiles, you can easily identify your quicker and slower players and assign tee times accordingly.

If you’re a daily fee or resort course, you’ll be able to tell if you’re dealing with a first-time or repeat player. You can also gain insight into how twosomes, threesomes, and fourballs affect your course’s pace and flow of play.

For private clubs, you will have a record of the pace of play of each member and offer specific on-course service tailored to their preferences.

“Where Tagmarshal stands apart from competitors is building out player profiles with historical data, giving a complete picture which is available whenever we need to use it.” Kory Reitz, Director of Golf, Secession Golf Club

Goal Setting Module

Using the Goal Setting feature, you can set your team goals across key benchmarks, and track and measure their performance in those areas over time.

These benchmarks include how many rounds finish on pace, the number of interactions your team has with players out on the course, the success rate of those interventions in getting rounds back on pace, and what percentage of rounds have group or caddie names assigned to them.

“We strive to find a pace that is acceptable for all abilities of players and Tagmarshal is a big reason why we are doing better than ever. We can fully understand what is achievable and set goals. Our pace has never been better and our NPS is at 82.” Philip Tobias, PGA, Director of Golf, Keystone, Vail Resorts


Tagmarshal continues to integrate with technology solutions that benefit both clubs and players. Using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), Tagmarshal integrates with more than 25 tee sheet providers, Golf Genius, Gallus Golf and more.

By combining data insights from multiple sources, Tagmarshal has become the preferred centralized hub to help unlock and identify opportunities for improvement.

“Tagmarshal has been such a game changer for us. We have 360-degree coverage of our golf course and we can see what the pace of play is with a glance at a screen. To be able to have a partner like Tagmarshal, that is willing and able to interface and connect with other platforms, helps us to understand our operation better.” Matt Barksdale, PGA, Director of Golf, Pinehurst Resort

Golf Cart GPS Systems And The New Caddie Management Module

Along with a revamped interface and other improvements, Tagmarshal’s upgraded golf cart GPS systems also feature the Caddie Management Module.

Now you can assign and manage your caddies with ease, whether they’re internal or independent.

Your course will also save on hardware because caddies download and are tracked by the Tagmarshal app, reducing your need for devices. Through the app, they have access to real-time pace updates such as their current pace, any potential delays to groups behind and the gap time to the group ahead.

Manage caddies at your course

Using the module, you can check which of your caddies are available and allocate them to loops from within Tagmarshal’s system via the  ‘Tee Times’ page.

To track performance, you can also create caddie profiles, which are built out over time as you gather more data.

You will find personalized schedules for each of your caddies on the MyLoops page.

Manage independent caddies

At any time, you can see which independent caddies are available and send bulk text messages inviting multiple caddies to open loops.

These invitations go directly to their phones to ensure you can find a caddie as and when needed.

Onboarding caddies

Participating caddies will be sent an email invite, and they then install the app on their mobile phones.

They log into the app once and the round will start as soon as they enter the trigger zone on the first tee box.


To understand the needs of courses like yours, Tagmarshal has taken learnings from the best in the business, based on their needs and expertise, to create a system that benefits a $30 daily fee course just as much as a high-end private club.

Drawing on extensive feedback from many of our more than 500 partner courses, Tagmarshal’s latest system upgrade further cements its position as the industry leader in on-course optimization technology.


Tagmarshal, the market leader in on-course optimization technology, provides courses with full, real-time operational oversight and reporting, giving golf operators the tools to manage pace and flow of play effectively, resulting in enhanced player experiences, increased efficiency through automation, and additional revenue generation.

Tagmarshal’s technology has collected over 1 billion data points from more than 75 million rounds of golf and has relationships with in excess of 600 partners, including Hazeltine, Whistling Straits, Baltusrol, Fieldstone, Bandon Dunes, Serenoa and Erin Hills.

Tagmarshal partners with several golf management groups, private, daily fee, public and resort courses, including 40 of the Top 100 US courses, as well as many $40-$60 green fee courses, which are seeing excellent results using the system.


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