Most courses know that the Player Experience is really important. After all, golfers come to play! But not many operators understand which factors impact on the player experience – and how to manage these effectively.

Tagmarshal CEO and Data Expert, Bodo Sieber shares his insights into the Player Experience, based on what the data shows, in this fascinating Expert Webinar!

Topic: How Pace of play makes or breaks the player experience, based on Data.

Expert Guest: Bodo Sieber, CEO Tagmarshal

What you’ll learn:

  1. Which factors are key to the Player Experience 
  2. Which factors, according to data, are “attractors” and “detractors”
  3. How these impact on the course’s Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  4. How to use data to manage and optimize the player experience



Bodo Sieber, CEO, and Co-founder of Tagmarshal.

Bodo Sieber is the CEO of golf course optimization and pace of play management system Tagmarshal.

An experienced solutions architect for software systems focusing on business intelligence, GIS and process optimization, he has been recognized for innovation in golf and has spoken at Golf Business Tech Con, as well as being quoted in Forbes, Golf Digest, USA Today, Compleat Golfer and PGA Magazine among others.

Having collected over 1 billion data-points, by tracking over 12 million rounds of golf, Tagmarshal adds value to more than 30 of the top 100 US courses partner with Tagmarshal including over 300 leading courses globally. 

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