In this educational webinar you will how Fieldstone Golf Club has grown their revenue by 25%, by implementing optimization technology and improving processes during an extremely busy season.

Expert Guest, Chip Hierlihy, General Manager, Fieldstone Golf Club shares his insights into how they’ve improved their ability to better manage play, through the use of optimization tools and processes, resulting in massive revenue gains.

Webinar topic: How Fieldstone GC has grown golf revenue by 25%, through optimization and improved processes.

Expert Guests: Chip Hierlihy, General Manager, Fieldstone Golf Club


Tagmarshal, the leader in golf course intelligence software, optimizes on-course operations.

The industry-trusted system provides full operational oversight and reporting, proactive, real-time management of field flow and data-driven management, which drives cost savings.

  • Established in 2014, Tagmarshal’s headquarters are in Atlanta, GA
  • Our office in Cork, Ireland focuses on the UK and Europe
  • With operations in South Africa, supporting partners in SA and Australia.
  • Tagmarshal has a Global reach: Partners in 9 countries and 4 continents.

To optimize on-course operations, using data driven management to increase efficiency, enhance player experiences and drive cost savings.

+ 25 000 000

rounds tracked and improved


of the Top 100 USA courses

Over 400

private, daily fee and resort courses

50% of Partners

$50 per round courses

Up to + $ 500 000

ROI per season

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