Goal Setting

Set goals within the Analytics Hub for all key metrics, helping to track progress, manage, optimize, and report on performance with ease
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To drive improvement across key areas of on-course management, you need to set goals that your team can work towards, and then measure how they perform against those benchmarks.

Tagmarshal’s Goal Setting feature allows you to set goals for the season ahead within the Analytics Hub for all key metrics, helping to track, manage, optimize, and report on performance with ease.

Operational results are an automatic by-product of good processes and habits over time. The Goal Setting page is the tool to benchmark and measure those.

A 1% improvement every day might not sound like much, but over the course of a season, those gains add up and will have a transformational effect on how your course operates.


You can set goals for the following areas:

Rounds on Pace

This is the measure of how many rounds finish within the course’s goal time on a given day.

Interactions Per Day

An interaction can be either a friendly check-in or an intervention with players on the course.

Intervention Success

When an on-course intervention results in a group getting back on pace and finishing the round within the goal time, an intervention will be considered a success.


This reflects the number of tags that have group or caddie names assigned to them, compared to the total number of groups playing that day.



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