How Tagmarshal Classic helps you to do more, with less

Our platform supports your team to provide a high quality and safe environment during Covid-19.

  • Use your data-driven management ability and insights to operate more efficiently and save costs
  • Allowing you to achieve more, with fewer resources
  • Golfers will only play at or join courses, where they feel safe to play.
  •  Players focus on social distancing and the measures which the course has put in place to support these.
  • Communicate what you are doing, so that golfers are aware of the steps you are taking to ensure that they can play #SafeGolf. 
  • Use posters and online posts –  (download them here) to make players aware of the measures taken to provide a safe player environment. Share these messages on your social media and club newsletters.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to social distancing and #SafeGolf on every possible communication channel at your club – experience matters!
  • We’re busy rolling out a game-changing new feature to our partners: the new Social Distancing Monitor, to help you manage player safety efficiently and accurately. 
  • The number one priority for golf course operators is guaranteeing a safe playing environment – this tool makes that so much easier.
  • This game-changing feature is also an effective way of managing field flow and gap intervals at your course.

Tagmarshal’s Social Distancing Monitor will ensure:

  • Player Safety with optimal safe social distances
  • Accurate and Efficient Monitoring
  • Social Distancing Reporting & Compliance
  • Effective field flow and interval management

Watch video for more information:

  • As course activity picks up, managing field flow will be more important than ever to ensure the player experience is of the best quality – and supports social distancing throughout the day.
  • Use technology to optimize and manage your gap intervals – without increasing these, to safely maximise capacity, rather than reducing it. Work with Tagmarshal to identify the optimal gap intervals between players at your course.
  • Important: Increasing your intervals will erode revenue, so it is vital that these are efficiently managed to maximise revenue.  If you increase your gap time intervals, you stand to lose up to 50% of your critical green fees revenue!.
  • Use Tagmarshal to manage field flow, without the need for staff on-course.
  • #SafeGolf Tip:When your Tagmarshal dashboard starts to show that players are starting to fall out of position, message the player to ask them to move back into position. Awareness is key to improving pace and keeping the distance between groups.
  • Tagmarshal allows you to control the number of players and groups on-course to ensure that flow and distancing is optimal in support of official social distancing guidelines, to create safe space for your players.
  • Tagmarshal can be set up to notify your team of all groups finishing their round and exiting the course. Ensuring players comply with your ‘Park and play’ rules after the round keeps the playing environment safe and your course open.
  • Send your players the Safe Path map provided by Tagmarshal ahead of time, so that they know which path to take from parking to play.

  • Support this with signage, from parking area, to check-in point 
  • Ensure your players know to arrive only a few minutes prior to their tee off time, so that golfers waiting to play, don’t congregate in groups.
  • Monitor Starter Accuracy data with Tagmarshal to assist in managing Gap Intervals.
  • #SafeGolf Tip: To maintain the correct intervals between groups of players, starting on time is essential. Any delays or distancing risks can be quickly identified  corrected with the right oversight and information.
  • Maintaining the correct interval gaps will reduce wait time at holes when your course gets busier.
  • Use Tagmarshal system data to accurately assess and manage flow of play and intervene to assist players as necessary. 
  • This supports good social distancing practises by avoiding bottle necks of  playing groups. It also makes for a better player experience!
  • Data driven management,  insights and reporting ensure that the right decisions are made and that these can be benchmarked, tracked and shared.
  • Use Tagmarshal Management reporting to keep your Management committee informed on key decisions and results.

#Safegolf starts with your Classic tags:

  • Your Classic Tags don’t need player interaction – they run in a fully automated no-touch manner, providing a safe environment for your players!
  • Wipe the Tagmarshal tags and bags as part of your sanitization processes.
  • Make it mandatory for the starter to use gloves and sanitary wipes, so ensure good hygiene
  • Attach the Classic Tag to the bag for the player.

If your course doesn’t have access to all of these features and you’d like to find out more, get in touch with your Customer Success or Support contact person, or email us via

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Tagmarshal, the market leader in on-course optimization technology, provides courses with full, real-time operational oversight and reporting, giving golf operators the tools to manage pace and flow of play effectively, resulting in enhanced player experiences, increased efficiency through automation, and additional revenue generation.

Tagmarshal’s technology has collected over 1 billion data points from more than 50 million rounds of golf and has relationships with in excess of 500 partners, including Hazeltine, Whistling Straits, Baltusrol, Fieldstone, Bandon Dunes, Serenoa and Erin Hills.

Tagmarshal partners with several golf management groups, private, daily fee, public and resort courses, including 35 of the Top 100 US courses, as well as many $30-$50 green fee courses, which are seeing excellent results using the system.