By Jake Gadon, KOAA NEWS5

06 April 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS — With COVID-19 shutting down all nonessential business in Colorado, there is one essential place everyone has flocked to.

On Sunday, Patty Jewett Golf Course was one of many golf course in Colorado packed with golfers, giving them an excuse to get outside. For some, even work on their game like Terrance McCommins

“Look at this beautiful weather, we get to walk, we do not have to stand to close to one another because of the situation,” explained McCommins, who says he and his friends golf every Sunday (weather permitting).

“Golf is a great social distancing sport in its own right,” added City of Colorado Springs Director Parks, Recreation and Cultural Service department Karen Palus.

When Governor Jared Polis issued his stay at home order, it did have some exceptions for outside recreation, which included golfing.

As for the City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Service department, they have taken the proper modifications to provide safe social distancing while enjoying a round of 18.

“If you are not feeling well, stay home,” said Palus. “Make sure you’re at least a minimum of 6-feet apart from one another. The governor has asked everyone to wear masks, so make sure you have your mask with you especially when you are at the minimum of 6-feet. We encourage people to separate, do not get too close to one another. And we have set it up so there is some lag time between the tee times, so folks have time to play.”

And the process to get on the green is very easy and safe.

Go to and click ‘Explore & Play” and then click either Patty Jewett or Valley Hi. From there you can register and see how to get tee times at the two courses.

As for McCommins and his friends, getting out and teeing it up is ultimate hole in one.

” Our governor is doing a good job, the public is doing a good job. And if I get it, I get it,”joked McCommins. “Of course I am 70 so, I am supposed to die, but I am not planning on it.”

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