Tagmarshal Reports Strong Annual Growth Built on Trusted Partner Relations and Value

Tagmarshal, the market leader in on-course optimization, reported its North American business has grown by over 60% at the end of its 2021 fiscal year (31 May), starting the new financial year much stronger than this time in 2020. The significant increase – achieved despite pandemic challenges – was led by a focus on providing exceptional value and building meaningful relationships with its partners, supported by an experienced and growing professional team.

“Building a successful business is not just about revenue – it is about growing relationships with your partners, based on shared values, taking the time to understand their business, listening to feedback and delivering exceptional service, all of which is very important to our team and to me,” noted Joey Walters, General Manager, Tagmarshal.

Underpinning the success has been Tagmarshal’s 90% Retention Rate, which includes renewals with key long-term partners such as Bandon Dunes, Erin Hills, Kiawah, Pinehurst, Quaker Ridge, Valhalla and other golf courses, who continue to benefit from the ongoing partnership and value created.

The company’s proprietary optimization platform has been a key factor to this performance as it gives golf operators full line of sight of the golf course, as well as the tools to increase efficiency, enhancing the player experience through optimal management of traffic flow, leading to cost savings and generating additional revenue. Tagmarshal’s partners, which include daily fee, private and resort facilities, benefit from optimization, showing a significant impact on their service excellence and bottom line results.

Mike O’Reilly, Golf Operations Director, Whistling Straits, commented on his experience, “Our goal is to improve the experience for our guests while maximizing our revenue potential and Tagmarshal has helped us to do both. We have reduced our labor expenses on the golf course, increased our round capacity, and realized many operational efficiencies utilizing Tagmarshal.”

(The Straits Course at Whistling Straits – 2021 Ryder Cup hosts)

Over the past 12 months, Tagmarshal has significantly increased the size and depth of its team including the appointment of Joey Walters as General Manager, based at Tagmarshal’s North American headquarters in Atlanta, as well as increasing the size of its robust Sales, Operations and Customer Success teams, ensuring that the excellent service and relationship focus, that starts with the Sales team, extends through to seamless onboarding, staff training, support and optimization consulting, to ensure partners derive the most value from the system. 

“Tagmarshal is proud of the relationships with its partners and understands that in order to continually add value to their operations, you need a talented and dedicated team in place who drive the company’s values and work ethics while continually earning the trust  of our partners,” said Bodo Sieber, CEO.

Innovation continues to be a focus for Tagmarshal, with the recent launch of the first in market, Geofence Buzzer, a player-friendly way to attain geofence compliance; as well as the game-changing Analytics Hub, which allows courses to set goals, track, measure and optimize their performance over time. These are the first of several innovative products which Tagmarshal will launch in 2021.

Tagmarshal’s technology has collected over 1 billion data points from over 20 million rounds of golf and has relationships with over 300 partners globally. These partners range from private, daily fee, public and resort courses, including 30 of the Top 100 US courses and several golf management groups, to many other $30 a round daily fee courses who represent the majority of Tagmarshal’s partners.

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Tagmarshal, the market leader in on-course optimization technology, provides courses with full, real-time operational oversight and reporting, giving golf operators the tools to manage pace and flow of play effectively, resulting in enhanced player experiences, increased efficiency through automation, and additional revenue generation.

Tagmarshal’s technology has collected over 1 billion data points from more than 50 million rounds of golf and has relationships with in excess of 500 partners, including Hazeltine, Whistling Straits, Baltusrol, Fieldstone, Bandon Dunes, Serenoa and Erin Hills.

Tagmarshal partners with several golf management groups, private, daily fee, public and resort courses, including 35 of the Top 100 US courses, as well as many $30-$50 green fee courses, which are seeing excellent results using the system.