Tagmarshal Optimizing Player Experiences at FedExCup Courses

As the PGA TOUR season draws to a close, the race to finish at the top of the FedExCup standings is turning into a nail-biter. Much of the focus will be on the BMW Championship and Tour Championship when golf’s greats look to claim the top spot. Hosts Conway Farms and East Lake, both marquee private facilities, are utilizing Tagmarshal’s pace-of-play management system.

Tagmarshal – a pace-of-play and revenue-optimizing system used globally by golf courses, country clubs and resorts – empowers courses to optimize their pace, routinely enhancing average round times by 14-17 minutes. This leads not only to an improved golf experience, but increased revenue, both by adding capacity on busy days, and by expediting those rounds, ensuring golfers have more time to visit the pro shop or 19th hole after a stellar round.


2017 BMW Championship 12-17 Sept. – Conway Farms Golf Club

The 2017 BMW Championship heads to Conway Farms Golf Club (Lake Forest, Ill.) for the third time. Formally known as the Western Open, the tournament is the second oldest in the U.S. and plays host to the top-70 golfers as the penultimate event in the PGA TOUR’s FedExCup playoffs.

Adding value at Conway Farms with its unobtrusive player and pace tracking system, Tagmarshal empowers management and player assistants to provide an excellent on-course experience.

Conway Farms Golf Club is a private club that prides itself on the quality of the total golf experience and the fellowship shared by members and guests. It is an 18 hole, par-71 walking course committed to fast play and continuously advancing the traditions of golf.


2017 Tour Championship 20-24 Sept. – East Lake Golf Club

East Lake Golf Club (Atlanta, Ga.), not far from Tagmarshal’s distribution center, is the home of golf in Atlanta and a permanent host of the Tour Championship, hosting the culminating event of the PGA TOUR FedExCup Playoffs 16 times since 1998.

One of Georgia’s marquee facilities, East Lake is the home and birthplace of the legendary Bobby Jones.

Among 2017’s exclusive field (only the top-30 golfers qualify), Rory McIlroy returns as the defending champion of the 2016 Tour Championship and FedExCup.

Tagmarshal proudly partners with these leading private clubs, each boasting outstanding facilities and an unquestioned service commitment to their members. Like many other excellent private clubs, they have identified pace as a critical factor in player enjoyment and trust Tagmarshal to provide accurate, data-driven results.