Tagmarshal New Feature Alert: Utilization Heat Map

This new features assists courses in making better decisions on course set-up, wear patterns, maintenance and cart path policing.

Who’s it for?
Superintendents and Course Management

How does it work? 
System users can enter a Course Utilization time frame, ie. a specific day, last weekend, a week, or a month etc and see all collected geolocation data by carts and or walkers that the Tagmarshal system has tracked.

The map allows for detail zooming in and out of areas for instance down to green or fairway level and visualizes usage hotspots.

This visualization helps course managers and superintendents get a better picture on course usage and allows them to check against assumptions on common paths and stop zones which informs decisions and planning around maintenance and wear patterns.

Utilization Heatmaps also works well in conjunction with Tagmarshal’s Geofencing module and assists in policing cart paths as well as improving and checking on signage requirements.