Tagmarshal, the leader in on-course optimization, has introduced Tagmarshal Go, a simple and affordable solution providing full line of sight capabilities to enable golf course operators to manage traffic and field flow as well as their cart fleet, at an accessible price point.

With Tagmarshal already offering full on-course optimization within its portfolio of Tagmarshal Track and Tagmarshal Premium Optimizer products, a gap existed for a product such as Tagmarshal Go to cater for courses that needed basic cart or walker tracking only.

“We are proud to launch Tagmarshal Go which provides golf course operators with an efficient and affordable cart tracking solution, underpinned by the same expertise and excellent service our more than 300 global partners have come to expect from our company,” said Bodo Sieber, CEO, Tagmarshal.

Sieber also noted that with 2021 promising to be as busy as 2020, many golf courses are looking for technology-supported products to deliver ways to save time and money as well as ensuring excellent player experience during the round.

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Tagmarshal Go features include a live map supported by Tagmarshal’s proprietary Pace of Play algorithms providing full real time course oversight to manage pace and field flow, as well as their cart fleet, effectively. Real time Geo-fencing is also included, enabling courses to keep golfers safely on paths and boundaries within the course.

Both Cart and Walking courses can benefit from Tagmarshal Go with the clip-on Classic Tag or Classic Installed devices. These are self-managed and self-installed, making Tagmarshal Go fast and cost effective to implement.

Moreover, the system is viewable across as many devices as needed –whether a mobile phone, tablet or laptop and all data is stored in the cloud for three years.

Tagmarshal Go is a simple, affordable and effective solution for courses looking for full operational line of sight to effectively manage their course traffic better, at the cost of only $9.90 per walking unit and $11.90 per cart unit, T & Cs apply.

Tagmarshal technology has collected over 1 billion data points from over 15 million rounds of golf. It has partnered with more than 300 clubs, private, daily fee and resorts, including 30 of the Top 100 US courses.

To learn more about how Tagmarshal Go will benefit your course this season, visit: www.tagmarshal.com/go

Company Contacts:
Bodo Sieber – CEO  b.sieber@tagmarshal.com
Natalie Davidsson –Marketing Manager  natalie.davidsson@tagmarshal.com

Media Contact – Les Schupak  laschupak@gmail.com  914-774-6060

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About Tagmarshal

Tagmarshal has tracked over 10 million rounds of golf. Real-time data collected by the system using small “tags” clipped onto golf bags, installed in buggies or offered on handheld or cart-installed proprietary 2Way screen devices, transmits information to on-course staff or personnel in the pro shop identifying groups that are out of position before issues arise. Player assistants can then support in a proactive, objective, non-confrontational manner resulting in improved player experience, consistent round times and player time freed up to enjoy on-site food and beverage items as well as opportunities for additional tee sheet capacity. 

More than 30 of the top 100 US courses partner with Tagmarshal including over 300 leading courses globally.