Tagmarshal, a pioneering golf course intelligence, and pace management software, recently announced that the company will be taking on a partnership role with the South Florida PGA Chapter.

As a strategic focus of Tagmarshal, this partnership was established to provide South Florida PGA members with actionable insight into pace management and, with the assistance of intuitive data, a greater exposure to the Tagmarshal system through ongoing interactions during competitions, tournaments, leagues, and tours at the association and professional level.

Through continued support and involvement at these various levels, members of the chapter will gain a comprehensive understanding of golf course intelligence together with actual examples of live pace tracking, gap time management, player profiles, and player accountability.

With features such as real-time marshal interventions, automated pace alerts, and enhanced geofencing, members will also experience the smarter, self-service capabilities of the Tagmarshal platform and the unrivaled benefits of using the system in their day-to-day golf operations.

“We are excited about our new partnership with Tagmarshal,” says Meredith Schuler, Assistant Executive Director of South Florida PGA. “As the leading golf course intelligence and field management provider, Tagmarshal optimizes field efficiencies and turns the pace-of-play on a golf course into an asset, for a better golfing experience and additional revenue streams. This technology we feel will greatly impact our local golf facilities and we look forward to its growth here in south Florida.”

Made up of 1,800 PGA Professionals and Apprentices at over 475 different facilities, the South Florida Section is one of the largest Section of PGA Professionals amongst all 41 PGA Sections in the United States.

“We are proud to be a part of the associations who help grow the game every day,” says Bodo Sieber, CEO of Tagmarshal. “The South Florida PGA enables millions of golfers to enjoy the game who strive to continuously play it better. We are excited to be so closely aligned with supporting this chapter through their championships and through the many facilities across the region.”

About South Florida PGA

The South Florida Section of the PGA of America is an association of golf professionals whose mission is to promote interest, participation, and enjoyment in the game of golf; establish and maintain professional standards or practice, and enhance the well-being of golf professionals. Approximately 1,850 members and apprentices are employed at over 460 facilities in the South Florida region, currently ranking South Florida Section the second largest Section of PGA Professionals amongst all 41 PGA Sections in the United States.

More information:  http://www.sfpgagolf.com/

About Tagmarshal

Tagmarshal is a golf course intelligence and pace-of-play management solution that turns pace into an asset. The system uses small “tags” clipped onto golf bags or installed on carts which transmit geolocation data. Industry-leading algorithms identify risk groups with accurate, objective support to alleviate pace challenges before they arise. Public, private and resort courses using Tagmarshal realize substantial returns on investments through improved on-course experiences achieved with less staff as well as increases in daily rounds. Impactful and easy-to-use data analytics, weather data integration and geo-fencing complete the offering.