Designed in 1927, Golf d’Hossegor was created in the middle of a pine and cork oak forest, on sandy soil sheltered from the winds. Now refined by Cabell Robinson, with a typically British layout, Hossegor is listed as one of the best golf courses in France.

In this edition of the Quick 9 series, get to know Mounim Ghetreff, Managing Director Assistant, who also heads up the deployment of Tagmarshal, the on-course optimisation platform that makes it easy and affordable to manage their course traffic and more.

1. Has golf always been your first love?

I do appreciate all kinds of sport, but since I discovered golf 17 years ago, I fell in love with the game because it’s a mental challenge, test of will and patience. Therefore, I decided to combine my passion for golf, with my experience in general management. 

2. What is your favorite/greatest round of golf experience?

Cascades Golf at Soma Bay (Egypt) 

Royal Dornoch  (Scotland) 

Royal Portrush (Northern Ireland)

West Cliffs (Portugal) – A Tagmarshal partner.

3. What is your dream golf destination? Why?

I have a long list, but if I had to make a first choice, it would be Royal County Down Golf Club, because this club offers a diverse playing field, in an exceptional setting, between dunes, sand and sea!

4. Since the implementation of the Tagmarshal system, how has the technology helped improve pace and field flow? 

Slow play is the bane of a golfer’s existence! With Tagmarshal, we can make data-driven decisions based on data insights and reporting, which helps us to improve pace and field flow. 

5. What is the impact of Tagmarshal’s technology on on-course efficiency at Golf d’Hossegor?

Traditionally the Marshal needs to manually identify and locate slow groups of players, which requires time and additional resources. With the Tagmarshal system, all the information about where players are on the course and how long they are taking to complete their round is seen by the marshal in real-time.

The system allows the Marshal to proactively intervene in an objective manner. Therefore, potential issues can be resolved before they affect the rest of the field.

6. How have your members responded to the system?

Initially, some of the members were curious and some where sceptical of the system because they would be tracked. However, after two to three months of operating the system they got accustomed to the technology and appreciate its value, as pace of play is critical to their enjoyment.

7. Describe Tagmarshal in three words.


8. Which is your favorite PGA Tour / European Tour event? Why?

The Masters and the Open Championship, because they bring the best players in the world together. The Masters with its  history, the Amen Corner and the complex greens. How about The OPEN with some of the most unpredictable and ferocious weather ever seen?

9. If you could be a caddie on Tour, whose caddie would you like to be and why?

It doesn’t matter who the golfer is. The most important thing is to have a close relationship, confidence and respect. 

About Tagmarshal

Tagmarshal has tracked over 10 million rounds of golf. Real-time data collected by the system using small “tags” clipped onto golf bags, installed in buggies or offered on handheld or cart-installed proprietary 2Way screen devices, transmits information to on-course staff or personnel in the pro shop identifying groups that are out of position before issues arise. Player assistants can then support in a proactive, objective, non-confrontational manner resulting in improved player experience, consistent round times and player time freed up to enjoy on-site food and beverage items as well as opportunities for additional tee sheet capacity. 

More than 30 of the top 100 US courses partner with Tagmarshal including over 300 leading courses globally.    

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