Quick 9: Pat Stein – Wild Rock Golf Club

Located in a woodland area with beautiful stream and sandstone ridges, Wild Rock Golf Club boasts expansive greens, breathtaking views, offers world-class golf experiences in the heart of Wisconsin Dells.

This course has also hosted many prestigious events, including the Wisconsin State Golf Association’s Senior Tour Championship and the Wisconsin PGA Section Championship in 2016, holding an impressive course record of 65.

By utilizing Tagmarshal’s on-course optimization technology, Wild Rock has been able to streamline their operations, enhance the player experience, and increase revenue.

In this exiting Quick 9, we had the amazing opportunity to chat to Pat Stein, Director of Golf at Wild Rock Golf Club, where we spend some time to get to know him a bit more and learn more about how Tagmarshal has improved operations at his course.

How would you describe your morning routine to kickstart your day?

During the season it ‘s an early start to the day. My dog normally gets up with me so it’s a quick walk around the block for her. With my Diet Coke in hand, I try to sneak out the door without waking my wife or two boys up. I use my 40-minute drive to work to map out what I need to get done that day. There’s something about seeing the sunrise that mentally gets me going.

Has golf always been your first love? What other sports/team are you a fan of?

For sure. I have so many great memories of playing golf with my Dad when I was younger.

Growing up in Wisconsin the golf season is short. I still remember the excitement of spring and waiting for the snow to melt so I could get back on the course, still makes me laugh think about it.

What is your favorite/greatest round of golf experience?

Playing golf with my two boys – the best rounds I played all year, hands down!

Tell us about your role at Wild Rock? Why is it important?

I’m the director of operations and I envision my role as the head coach of the team.

I really enjoy working with our staff to deliver an outstanding golf experience to all our guests. It’s been rewarding building a team that is committed to delivering the best experience we can daily.

Why has your course decided to invest in Tagmarshal?

Wild Rock is a large golf course that is complex for our course rangers to manage.

Tagmarshal has given us a great tool to help our staff manage our course and more importantly help us give our guests a better experience.

Being new to Tagmarshal, I think we are just scratching the surface of what we can do with it.

Since the implementation of the Tagmarshal system, how have your customers responded to the on-course experience?

I think the biggest thing is, it meets if not exceeds the expectations of what our guests have for Wild Rock.

Our guests love the technology and helps make for a better day on the course.

Describe Tagmarshal in three words. 

Next level technology.

What is your dream golf destination? Why?

It would have to be going and playing St. Andrews. Would be amazing to play where the game started.

Your best golf moment?

Not to repeat myself, but I truly think it when I was able to start playing golf with my kids. It brings back so many childhood memories of when I played with my Dad. Its given us time to connect as a family.

If you could be a caddie on Tour, whose caddie would you like to be and why?

I’m going back in time and saying Arnold Palmer.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Mr Palmer, I can’t imagine how much a person could learn from someone like that by just listening to what they have to say.


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