New Feature alert: Tagmarshal StartMaster to enhance Pace of Play

This functionality has been on the wish list of many of our partner courses and has recently been released. Tagmarshal is engineered in partnership with golf’s top facilities and feedback by some of the businesses best management teams and professionals actively contributes to the constant improvement of the system.

Starter Accuracy Module – What it’s for:

Starters play a critical role in getting groups off to a good, well ‘start’ – both from an experience and service levels point of view but also and crucially from a Pace of Play angle. If a course runs a 9 minute tee interval and the starter sends out group A two minutes late and the next group B one minute early, they reduce the interval to six minutes which increases the risk of a bottle neck at the next Par 3.

TIP: The starter is an important custodian of a course’s Pace of Play policy and is in a prime position to generate awareness of the pace rules and systems in place.

Starter Accuracy Module – How it works:

Starter Accuracy is a new feature on the Tagmarshal stats page. The module checks tee-times vs actual start times and visualises the accuracy of a starter during the day as well as in week or monthly analytics. The goal is obviously 100% accuracy – which is not always possible, but with tracking and line of sight goals can be set which lead to improvements and better results. The system also allows for further analysis of rounds going off the pace which can in turn be correlated and compared to the round’s starting accuracy.