By Elvis Anderson

Our conversation with Tagmarshal CEO Bodo Sieber, prompted memory of a great Yogi Berra quote.

“Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.”

Tagmarshal’s aim is to be, “the leading golf course efficiencies and field management solution. The system uses a series of GPS “tags” that work with both cart and walking courses – clipped onto one golf bag per group or installed into carts. Algorithms identify risk groups and empower courses to provide accurate, objective support to alleviate pace challenges before they arise, reducing average round times and materially improving the pace experience.”.

Ultimately, Tagmarshal helps manage pace of play. Golfers want it so they can play more golf in less time and golf courses want it to better organize their tee sheet. A better flow is the aim and gathered data prevents bottlenecks or delays.

“Eight of the top 10 public golf courses in the States are using Tagmarshal. We help resorts such as Kohler and Erin Hills provide a better guest experience. And we help private clubs by providing valuable data which enables them to send fast players off early and slower players after,” Sieber tells World’s Best Golf Destinations.

The data gathered by Tagmarshal is more specific than a marshal sitting under a tree on the fourth hole with a stop watch. The data will point out pace of play surges or stoppages and enables a marshal to have a more productive conversation with guests or members.

Sieber uses a commercial flight to explain the benefits of Tagmarshal, “Imagine flying plane at 80-percent occupancy versus 95-percent. The difference over a year is substantial.”

The data will put an end to pro shop debates because numbers don’t lie. Imagine a head professional sitting down with a member and reviewing the information:

“Mr. Jones, we have data here from your previous five rounds. You’re a fast player on the first 12 holes, but after your eighth beer – things get a bit loose which is fine, but please be aware. If you get pressed from behind – please let them go ahead.”

About Tagmarshal

Tagmarshal is a golf course intelligence and pace-of-play management solution that turns pace into an asset. The system uses small “tags” clipped onto golf bags or installed on carts which transmit geolocation data. Industry-leading algorithms identify risk groups with accurate, objective support to alleviate pace challenges before they arise. Public, private and resort courses using Tagmarshal realize substantial returns on investments through improved on-course experiences achieved with less staff as well as increases in daily rounds. Impactful and easy-to-use data analytics, weather data integration and geo-fencing complete the offering.