Provide a safe environment for your players with the innovative NEW Social Distancing Monitor

Introducing the world class Social Distancing Monitor, a new tool from Tagmarshal that allows you to accurately and efficiently manage social distancing, creating an environment that is safe for your players.

This new tool was developed based on years of experience, with the release accelerated for the purpose of Social Distancing, due to the immediate need for player safety this season.

Designed to allow golf courses to accurately and proactively manage group distancing and flow of play during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, Tagmarshal has made this tool available free of charge to all partners due to the timely need for player safety this season. 

The tool adds immediate value as most courses opening are operating with reduced resources, needing to do more, with less – while prioritizing player safety.

Tagmarshal’s Social Distancing Monitor will ensure:

  • Player Safety with optimal safe social distances
  • Accurate and Efficient Monitoring
  • Social Distancing Reporting & Compliance
  • Effective field flow and interval management

Learnings based on tracking over 10 million rounds of golf, as well as insights developed through working closely with several major tournaments, has guided the development of the Social Distancing Monitor. This practical tool will transform courses into safe spaces for players, as well as managing field flow effectively.

“The number one priority for golf course operators and PGA professionals is providing a safe playing environment. At the same time, operators this season have less staff and resources available. In an effort to support the industry in this challenging year, the Social Distancing Monitor will be provided immediately to Tagmarshal partners at no additional cost this season,” said Bodo Sieber, Co-Founder and CEO.

Please schedule a demo to find out more about the Social Distancing Monitor and how this will make a difference at your course this season.

About Tagmarshal

Tagmarshal has tracked over 10 million rounds of golf. Real-time data collected by the system using small “tags” clipped onto golf bags, installed in buggies or offered on handheld or cart-installed proprietary 2Way screen devices, transmits information to on-course staff or personnel in the pro shop identifying groups that are out of position before issues arise. Player assistants can then support in a proactive, objective, non-confrontational manner resulting in improved player experience, consistent round times and player time freed up to enjoy on-site food and beverage items as well as opportunities for additional tee sheet capacity. 

More than 25 of the top 100 US courses partner with Tagmarshal including over 250 leading courses globally.    

To learn more about how Tagmarshal improves the golfer experience, through on-course optimization, watch the free demo here.


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