Tagmarshal’s Assistance Impact Zones

Tagmarshal’s Impact Assistant Zones represent three areas on your course where the Hole Timing data suggests marshal intervention can potentially have a material impact on pace of play performance.

Depending on their availability, marshals can either use these zones to constantly monitor and positively impact groups passing through them, or move between the three zones throughout the day.

Marshal can update the groups on:

  • Groups current pace of play
  • Inform them of the difficulty of the next few holes,
  • Request them to hit a provisional ball first if they’re not certain the can keep their ball in play,
  • Warn them of the prevailing headwinds, etc.

The job of a marshal can be somewhat difficult in confronting and assisting players. However, with the Tagmarshal system the process can become seamless. With such a tool at their disposal, marshals have precise control and awareness of the course layout using live data to effectively control the pace, thereby overcoming the confrontational factor and provide an exceptional player experience.

Tagmarshal, the industry trusted Golf Course Intelligence system achieves results across daily fee, private and resort facilities that offer cart, walking or dual mobility. Improved operational efficiencies, improved and consistent pace of play, additional revenue and a better golf experiences are the objectives course owners and managers successfully target with the system.