A quick 9 with Tom Woodard

Foothills Golf Course & Meadows Golf Club

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Tom Woodard is the Director of Golf at Foothills Park & Recreation District golf courses, namely Foothills Golf Course & Meadows Golf Club.

As a golfer, Woodard competed on the PGA Tour, and qualified for two U.S. Opens and a PGA Championship. He is a two-time Colorado PGA’s Player of the Year and three times the Section’s Apprentice Player of the Year. He also won a national professional tournament on the United Golfers Association tour in 1979.

In this Quick 9 series edition, Woodard tells us more about himself and why he has chosen to implement golf course optimization technology at his courses.

1. What was your favorite Major to watch this year and why?

The Master’s, because I enjoyed seeing Tiger Woods win another Major.

2. Who’s the Slowest / Fastest player on tour?

Slowest – Bryson De Chambeau / Fastest – Brooks Koepka

3. If you could be a caddie on Tour, whose caddie would you like to be and why?

Jon Rahm – A good young player who plays a lot of international golf

4. Has golf always been your first love? What other sports/team are you a fan of?

Football and Basketball. I’m a huge Bronco fan!

5. Where does Pace of Play rank as an industry priority? Top 3?

Easily a top-three priority, right behind golf course conditions and customer service

6. Why have your courses decided to invest in pace of play?

Pace of play is ruining the game, especially given the fact that people look at time as one of their most valuable commodities!  

7. What operational opportunities have you identified and how will implementing Tagmarshal at your courses help to achieve these?

Tagmarshal will complement the current pace of play policy we have in place, allowing us to increase our bottom line by reducing our Golf Course Assistant man-hours.  

8. How important do you think having golf course intelligence technology like Tagmarshal is in improving golfer satisfaction/experience?

I personally play golf a couple of times a week, and when I arrive at a golf course and discover that the golf carts have GPS technology, I’m always elated!!!!

9. Besides The Meadows and Foothills, what is your dream golf destination? Why?

I’ve played in U.S. Opens, a PGA Championship, and several of the British Open golf courses so the only golf destination remaining is Augusta National, can you get me on?

About Tagmarshal

Tagmarshal is a golf course intelligence and pace-of-play management solution that turns pace into an asset. The system uses small ‘tags’ clipped onto golf bags, installed in buggies or offered on handheld or cart-installed proprietary 2Way screen devices, which transmit geo-location data, using golf cart GPS based technology. Industry-leading algorithms identify risk groups with accurate, objective support to alleviate pace challenges before they arise. Public, private and resort courses using Tagmarshal realise substantial returns on investment through improved on-course experiences, achieved with fewer staff, as well as increases in daily rounds. Impactful and easy-to-use data analytics, weather data integration and geo-fencing complete the offering.