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General Questions

The Tagmarshal system allows for a proactive, data driven approach to Pace of Play. There are many factors, but all our implementations to date have seen a 10-20 minutes improvement in average round times within three months of using the system. From there new goals and targets get defined and worked towards.

The device utilizes GPS and cellular technology to convey tracking data. We engage with the course to establish cellular coverage and if there are concerns raised, our technicians will run signal tests ahead of deployment / installation. If the signal is poor, we have technology in place to assist.

Tagmarshal offers various programs which may include seasonal discounts. Please get in touch via to request the latest deals.

The Tagmarshal contract length is 36 Months.

This typically takes between 4 – 6 weeks from signing the contract, but depends on seasonality, stock levels and technician capacity.

Upon the receipt or installation of your Tracking Tags, Tagmarshal facilitates a calibration & training period of 3 weeks. The course is mapped and positional data collected affording the system’s algorithm the opportunity of ‘learning’ its’ unique ebb & flow. During this time management are given the full benefit of the live stylized  map for tracking purposes.

Thereafter the full system and the rest of its powerful features (including pace of play alerts, round & hole stats and the building of player pace of play profiles) go live.

Your request will be logged within 1 hour of being submitted. Turnaround time to resolution is dependent on the complexity of the issue,  our standard turnaround times are between 24 – 72 hours.

The warranty period for Tagmarshal devices is 36 months. In many cases, the devices outlast the warranty period, however they may not be best of breed after 3 years.

Mobile devices take 2-3 hours on average, but an overnight charge is recommended to get the best performance. Cart devices auto-charge as they’re used.

The hardware is generally on-site within 2 weeks (USA clients) to 3 weeks (International clients) following signature of contract and payment of set up invoice.

Software Questions

As a playing group progress, their location and time of play is measured against various parameters and evaluated in relation to the rest of the field. The Tagmarshal system’s smart algorithm then picks up when a group is falling behind and alerts management through a series of colour based alerts on the Tagmarshal map. Golf Managers will be able to see whether a group is slow and causing delays to other groups, versus a group who is slow and affected by a delay.

Tagmarshal courses get access to a full software suite, that includes a live stylized course map.
The software is a cloud based application available via any internet enabled devise, such as PC, Mac or tablet computer.

The golf cart GPS system’s geo-fencing module provides course management with the ability to set-up fenced areas or ‘zones’. If a Tracking Tag (cart or walking) enters a geo-fenced area the manager / system administrator is immediately notified of the breach (location, geofence zone name, cart number, player in cart, timestamp) and a historic record is kept.

If a group are behind the course’s prescribed pace (therefore slow) but they are being held up by a group in front of them (constantly forcing them to wait), the group will be recognized as delayed and a slow play alert will not be generated. The delayed group’s play icon is then presented as orange for delayed, rather than red for slow.

The system’s smart algorithm tracks playing groups (walking or carts) evaluating their progress in relation to the prescribed pace and rest of the field.
Green icons: On pace groups
Orange icons: Delayed groups (slow, but held up by a group in front)
Red icons: Slow groups (off the pace i.e. outside of the prescribed goal time)

All round data is stored in Tagmarshal’s cloud hosted database and each course is given access to their statistics and maps via an easy to use dashboard.

This enables course management to evaluate items such as:

  • round times per group – evaluate slow rounds, see who the players / caddies where in the group.
  • average round times for a day or month – evaluate how the pace of play trended throughout the day or month.
  • average hole times – evaluate which holes are playing slower / faster on average versus their goal allotments.
  • round track maps – see all rounds tracked including each’s progressive time-stamps and alerts generated.

Yes, the system can track shot gun starts.

Yes, the system includes a marshal tracking module allowing management to view their course staff in real time. It also shows where they have been throughout the day. Are they being pro-active around the issue of pace of play?

No, but our system will highlight the restricted area’s that carts shouldn’t go into, as well as alert you, if carts enter the restricted areas.

Yes, operators have the ability to send messages directly through the 2Way alerts feature.

Yes, our system allows for advertising.

Yes, it’s possible to order F&B from your cart screen, before reaching the halfway house.

Tagmarshal Classic Questions

The tags dimensions are 6.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 cm, roughly the size of a matchbox.

It takes 4-5 Hours to charge the Tracking Tags, we recommend charging these overnight. A multi charging station is provided. Tags will last up to 8 hours when fully charged, essentially they can record 2x 18 hole rounds of golf.

Yes, as long as they are well charged overnight tags used in the morning can be used again for the afternoon field.

Yes, each Tracking Tag is equipped with a water resistant pouch.
Note: water resistant, so it is best if the players don’t take the Trackers for a swim in the water hazards

Yes, a cart installation kit is available.
We have active installations in both electric and gas carts by Club Car, Yamaha and EZ-go.

No, only one person or caddy per playing group needs to carry a tracking tag.
Carts can have the tags installed.

A typical 18 hole walking course is equipped with 40 Tracking Tags.
If the course has a cart fleet, we recommend all are equipped.  The amount of tags then depends on the size of the fleet (usually between 60 to 80 Tracking Tags required).

Yes, installation is a simple process that takes roughly 10 min per cart. Training and installation videos are available.

The hardware is generally on-site within 2 weeks (USA clients) to 3 weeks (International clients) following signature of contract and payment of set up invoice.

Tagmarshal 2Way Questions

No, your data is included in your Tagmarshal product costs.

8 inch cart screens, as well as a mobile phone size, for walking golf.

The 2Way walker devices have a battery life of 15 hours. Cart devices recharged automatically as they’re used.
The 2Way Walkers take 3 hours to charge. The 2Way screens don’t require additional charging time, as they automatically charge while in use.

No, our expert installers comply with the cart manufacturers standards, to ensure that the cart warranty is not affected by the installation.

Tagmarshal’s 8inch 2Way screens are IP65 certified, which means they are splash-resistant and water resistant, not waterproof. They are mounted below the canopy, to reduce exposure to rain. Please avoid direct contact with any liquids, much the same as your mobile phone, as this is not covered by the hardware warranty.

Tagmarshal screens and devices can be installed in all major gas (petrol) and electric carts (Ez-Go, Club Car, Yamaha).

We can install into Private carts, by arrangement.

Yes, it is possible – the costs will vary based on a variety of factors, for example, number of carts, location and cart type. Please email us ( for an accurate quotation.

Note: If you’re still in contract with another provider, additional costs may apply to exit this agreement.

At the end of your season, you’ll receive an email and form to complete, if you require winterization of your devices. This can be a self winterization process or we can assist by providing a technician to do this for you