UPCOMING WEBINAR: 5 key learnings from the USGA Golf Innovation Symposium 2019

CEO of Tagmarshal, Bodo Sieber, attended the 5th USGA Golf Innovation Symposium hosted in Shinjuku, Tokyo March 12-13th 2019 hosted by the USGA and the Japanese Golf Association (JGA).

Some of the industry’s world leading forward thinkers and innovators were in attendance tackling some of the issues that play a role in the future of golf.

There are two key messages: Reduce consumption and implement savings to ensure sustainable and future-proof operations. Understand and use the player experience as revenue and growth opportunities to grow the game.

We invite you to join Sieber as he unpacks 5 key takeaways from the symposium taking place:

DATE: 30th April 2019

TIME: 11H00 EST   I   15H00 GMT+1

DURATION: 45 Minutes

Here are 5 key learnings from the USGA Golf Innovation Symposium 2019:

  • The Challenge for the golf industry: Reduce consumption of key resources and improve golfer satisfaction
  • Understand, benchmark and measure – management principles to engineer success
  • Cost reduction, efficiencies, optimization – countering rising costs with smarter operations and set-ups
  • Measuring the player experience – what really matters?
  • Being customer led: Understanding, using and maximizing the net promoter score (NPS) for business success

Join this webinar and become a stakeholder who shapes the game of tomorrow.

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Bodo Sieber, CEO, and Co-founder of Tagmarshal.

Bodo brings a wealth of business intelligence and software applications experience to the golf industry. A German national with an extensive understanding of golf course operations and process optimization, Bodo has honed his applied data science expertise during more than a decade in the field.

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