WEBINAR: 5 key learnings from the USGA Golf Innovation Symposium 2019

Golf Managers: How can you be relevant in the golf world of tomorrow and future proof your operation?

Our free webinar features 5 key learnings from the USGA Golf Innovation Symposium, a key platform for sharing the most innovative and most impactful advances in golf operations.

We unpack these 5 key learnings from the USGA Golf Innovation Symposium 2019:

  • The Challenge for the golf industry: Reduce consumption of key resources and improve golfer satisfaction
  • Understand, benchmark and measure – management principles to engineer success
  • Cost reduction, efficiencies, optimization – countering rising costs with smarter operations and set-ups
  • Measuring the player experience – what really matters?
  • Being customer led: Understanding, using and maximizing the net promoter score (NPS) for business success

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Bodo Sieber, CEO, and Co-founder of Tagmarshal.

An experienced solutions architect for software systems focusing on business intelligence, GIS and process optimization, he has been recognized for innovation in golf and has spoken at Golf Business Tech Con, as well as being quoted in Forbes, Golf Digest, USA Today, Compleat Golfer and PGA Magazine.
With Tagmarshal, Bodo and his team have been bringing extensive data and geomatics experience into golf operations for five years. The company’s focus is on creating the best possible way to manage the on-course experience and flow of golf for improved player satisfaction and increased profitability.
Having collected almost 1 billion data-points, by tracking over 7 million rounds of golf, Tagmarshal add value to 8 of the top 10 US Public courses, a number of US and international top 100 private clubs with rapid adoption in the mid tier of the market.
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